Team Chestnuts’ had a wonderful afternoon on Thursday when their parents, grandparents, carers, aunts and uncles came in to be part of one of our lessons. Team Chestnuts’ first wrote a letter of invitation to their History lesson and at 1pm on Thursday they arrived to much anticipation and excitement.

After being greeted by Miss Free, Team Chestnuts’ were exemplary in demonstrating their great attitude to their learning with great focus, determination and creativity to our special guests.

We have been studying The Great Fire of London and after a few weeks we were about to get a glimpse about what it may have been like during the fire with our very own model demonstration…

The houses had been built and filled with newspaper and fixed to a narrow Tudor street and placed outside ready for the event that rocked London 350 years ago.



After watching the city burn down and some great conversations with children demonstrating great understanding of why the fire was so devestating we returned to the classroom to be greeted by a scroll from Sir Christopher Wren himself.

He had been instructed by King Charles the II to redesign and oversea the rebuilding of the City of London namely St Pauls Cathedral. Team Chestnuts were tasked with designing and building their own version of St Pauls following the new building regulations of building out of stone and it must be the pride of the British Empire.

The whole class came up with some tremendous creations and it was so lovely to see the adults getting involved, we followed the lesson with the adults reading with groups of children before going home.



What a great afternoon! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and we are really looking forward to the next Back to School Session.