Wednesday and Thursday at Bearnes were jam packed with exciting activities for the whole school to enjoy!

Chestnuts had a fantastic day with Mr Flint from Dynamic Sports who ran an Olympic Day for the children.

First of the all, the children learned all about the Olympic Values. They were then split into teams and given a country they would be representing. They learnt some interesting facts about the country and their Olympic History.

The whole class then walked down to Decoy Country Park, at a rapid pace, to meet Mr Flint for the Olympic Event to start. They took part in an opening ceremony parading around the track with their Olympic torches and flag bearers.

The children participated in a full day of of running, throwing, jumping and relay events that challenged the children’s coordination, team work as well as their endurance! The children were fantastic at supporting each other and they demonstrated great sportsmanship!



At the end of the event the team with the greatest number of points were announced the winners!

Every member of Chestnuts received a celebratory medal for successfully participating in the day.

Back at Bearnes, the rest of the school were busy taking part in a variety of events including a bike and scooter session in the afternoon for Sycamores, Oaks and Acorns. The Year 6s enjoyed a great time Kayaking on Decoy Lake.

Sycamores visited Hackney Marshes in the morning for a Scavenger Hunt. They walked over 1.5 miles taking in the beautiful Devon countryside.

Oaks discussed healthy eating and why it is important to look after their bodies. Then they made some fruit kebabs and after a walk to Courtney Park where they played some parachute games they sat down to enjoy their creations.

On Thursday, the children arrived at school in their favourite Sports Kit, we had Liverpool Kits, BMX kits, Gymnastic Leotards and Judo Suits!

Throughout the morning, the children joined all the teachers for a carousel of activities. Every class had 30 minutes of Kabadi, Badminton, Yoga and Body Combat led by the Mr Stacey, Mrs Minfe, Miss Gaskin and Miss Free. It was a fantastic morning and the children were incredibly enthusiastic throughout!



Well Done Bearnes on a fantastic week!