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Team Chestnut’s Decoy Park Nature Walk

Team Chestnuts were very lucky to be invited by the rangers at Decoy for a walk around the park to look at how the first signs of spring were just beginning to show themselves. After a short walk from school we met our guide Simon for a tour of the woodlands and ponds. Exploring the [...]

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Welcome to Hogworts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

Team Chestnuts were welcomed back to school with a very interesting change in decor and a letter addressed to us. Professor Free reading out the letter from Hogworts. We cautiously opened it to find a letter from Professor Mcgonagall inviting us to become the first ever Muggle Class to be accepted as students. [...]

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Pirate Treasure Hunt

This week, Team Chestnuts received a letter from Captain Grimes, who'd been abandoned by his crew on a desert island. He needed Team Chestnuts to collect up the treasure he'd left hidden at Bearnes before his mutinous crew could get it. Excitedly, they followed some devilish tricky clues that sent them along the  treacherous tunnel [...]

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Back to school meeting!

Team Chestnuts' had a wonderful afternoon on Thursday when their parents, grandparents, carers, aunts and uncles came in to be part of one of our lessons. Team Chestnuts' first wrote a letter of invitation to their History lesson and at 1pm on Thursday they arrived to much anticipation and excitement. After being greeted by Miss [...]

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