Friendship Day – Special Menu

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A very wet teddy bears picnic!

On Friday morning the Oaks and Acorns were left a message from some teddy bears. It was a letter inviting us to a teddy bears picnic. We searched the school to find them but there was a problem!! The bears and their picnic were very, very wet! We decided they must have been caught [...]

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Free School Meals

RE: FREE SCHOOL MEALS / IN YEAR ADMISSIONSWe are now able to offer Free School Meals to our pre-school children.  This can be actioned via the Citizens Portal run by Devon County Council.  We would ask that all parents register and apply without delay to receive an instant decision.Once registered The Citizens Portal can be found at The [...]

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Santa’s North Pole Express

Santa's North Pole Express On Tuesday 12th December Acorns and Oaks were lucky enough to take a ride on Santa's North Pole Express at Trago Mills. As we travelled on the train to Santa's Grotto we spotted elves and reindeer as we listened to Christmas music. Once we arrived we were greeted by [...]

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The Dogs Trust

Today Redwoods and Sycamores were visited by Katie from 'The Dogs Trust'. Katie came to teach the children about how to be a responsible dog owner as well as how to keep themselves safe around dogs. The session was informative, engaging and interactive and everyone went away with a clear understanding of how they can [...]

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Children in Need Spotacular Success!

The School Council organised a 'Spotacular Children in Need' day this year. Everyone came to school dressed in their spottiest attire and donated towards this worthy cause. Throughout the day, children baked Pudsey themed cakes, with help from ISS who also kindly donated the ingredients, and then, at the end school, the school council set [...]

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Sycamore Class Anti-Bullying Graffiti Wall

  Great Anti- Bullying week with Sycamore class. Look at our positive affirmations and ways to put an end to bullying!  

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Autumn Walk

Acorns and Oaks went on a walk to Courtenay Park looking for signs of Autumn. The children found lots of acorns, pine cones and leaves to bring back to school. After we finished collecting the objects for our Autumn tray, the children stopped for snack. They ate their fruit whilst listening to a Percy the [...]

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Sycamores make Washi Dolls!

Sycamores made these wonderful Washi Dolls today. They were skillfully crafted and lovingly made to a high standard. Can't wait to use them with our literacy learning. Well done Sycamores!

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Trains and Journeys

In Acorns and Oaks we have been learning all about trains this term. After reading the story of 'The train ride' the children used a variety of construction materials to build a train. We acted out the story going on our own 'train journey', we saw cows and sheep lying down and a hot air [...]

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