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Inter Valley Dodgeball Tournament

In December a team from Sycamores Year 3 & 4 and Redwoods Year 5 & 6 took part in the first tournament of the Teign Inter Valley 2018/19 League. Last year, the honour of representing Bearnes fell to our Redwoods, however after a successful year Bearnes would be joining the Year 3 & 4 tournament [...]

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Lights, Camel, Action! Strictly the Nativity!

For the Bearnes Christmas production this year, we were incredibly honoured and lucky to be able to perform at The Avenue Church. Thank you to Sarah, Jean and Gill who welcomed us and were so helpful in setting up of our props and teaching us how to use the sound system. The children were fantastic [...]

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Dodgeball Tournament

Well Done to our Dodgeball Warriors, not only did they come into school extra early today to reach the tournament venue, but they also represented the school fantastically in the The Link Academy Dodgeball Tournament held at Harbertonford. We were really impressed with your determination, team work and commitment the games were really tight you [...]

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Isambard Kingdom Brunel visit

Sycamore and Redwoods had a visit from Isambard Kingdom Brunel today!  We learnt all about his life and how, thanks to his amazing engineering skills, the railway came to Newton Abbot and Torbay, changing the lives of many people. These are just a few of the facts that we learnt: - Did you know he [...]

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Photography at Coombeshead

  Joe and Tyler had a fantastic time at the Coombeshead photography workshop last week. Check out their surreal art.

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Spooktacular Halloween Celebrations in Redwoods

Redwoods started the week with a spooky poem – the well known narrative poem ‘The Raven’ by Edgar Allen Poe.  On Tuesday, children came to school dressed in their spookiest outfits…some were truly terrifying, and our classroom was covered in cobwebs, skeletons and scary spiders! This atmosphere really helped us to delve deeper into the [...]

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National School Sports Week

This year Bearnes took part in National Schools Sports Week a National Initiative to promote and encourage young children to get involved in Sports and Physical Activity that teaches them to lead a healthy balanced lifestyle. Everyone at Bearnes was incredibly excited to take part and throughout the week the whole school has been involved [...]

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Year 5 Sporting Spectacular

Great event today at Forches Cross. The Year Five children were so well behaved and demonstrated fantastic sportsmanship. So proud!!  

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Science Week – Wednesday

KS2 have a had a fantastic science-filled day today. The pupils took part in four different investigations throughout the day all to do with the British Science Week theme: Change.   Activity one involved making rockets which was explosive!     The children also investigated what happens when different ingredients are left out of bread [...]

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World Book Day

World Book Day Redwoods enjoying a captivating 'rush to read' session on World Book Day 2017 with Miss Eeles. You rocked today Redwoods - your costumes were amazing. Keep up the reading! :-)

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