Over the past two weeks, Chestnuts have immersed themselves in the story of The Gingerbread Man.

We have been sequencing the story, asked questions about the characters, described characters and, after retelling the story of the The Gingerbread Man, we have used it to inspire our very own unique versions.

Here is a sample of our incredible work!

A pupil’s story ‘S’ where they have sequenced the story with the pictures and filled in the gaps with incredible detail!

A beautiful piece of work detailing a pupil’s plan for their own version of The Gingerbread Man with different characters and descriptions.

A Year 1 piece of writing that shows incredible progress in their presentation! Excellent effort!

A pupil’s innovated version of The Gingerbread Man using fantastic vocabulary and lovely creativity.

Three of our pupils created their own version of The Gingerbread Man and retold it using their own actions!