Today, Chestnuts along with their friends from Oaks and Hennock went to visit the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth.

The trip was linked with the children’s work in Science and Geography about Coastlines and Habitats.

The children had a fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed looking at the variety of exhibits discussing how we can identify whether a creature is a fish or not, we also identified similarities and differences between top and bottom feeder fish.

‘the fish at the top of the water are much more sparkly, but the fish at the bottom are a lot darker.’

Flat bottom feeder fish also have eyes on the top of their head so they can look straight upwards keeping a look out for predators.

The children were enthralled when they looked at the Sharks and Rays in the 10.5m tank.

They also took part in some science experiments that involved exploring how salt has an impact on floating. They used 4 different implements to mimic the effect of  different animals in the ocean consumption of plankton did you know that a Basking Shark uses a comb to eat their food whilst a Humpback Whale uses a net style to consume their plankton and they finished off with some exploding pots.

Well Done Chestnuts on representing the school so fantastically!