Team Chestnuts were greeted this morning by some terrible news that their classroom had been subject to a rampage from a lone dinosaur! Instead of coming into class as usual they were escorted to the hall.

Devon and Cornwall Police in a statement said that dinosaurs were thought to be extinct however recently there have been a number of incidents in the local area where they have encountered similar scenes

After being declared safe the class were asked to conduct an investigation to look for clues as to what the dinosaur may look like and to think of ways that we may be able to capture it and release it back into the wild!

The children were very keen to get to work and they bravely crossed the police tape and they were fantastic in identifying clues around the classroom along with drawing an artists impression of what they believed the dinosaur looked like.

They used all this to inform their plan to write instructions on how to capture the beast from luring it with ‘delicious, juicy sausages’ to painting a turquoise strip along the ground because turquoise was it’s favourite colour! I am very excited to read our full instructions tomorrow!

Excellent work Team Chestnuts!