Session 3

It was lovely to see everyone again today after the Easter break!

During this week’s session we enjoyed exploring our new Forest School site. The children used their skills to create ‘5 minute fires’, which involved finding different thicknesses of dry sticks, using a fire steel to create a spark, and igniting cotton wool to add fuel to. Even with a strong wind, the children persevered and managed to start their fires – well done!

We also used nets to explore our pond. We were surprised by the amount of creatures we found – which included newts and pond snails!

During our session, we also talked about ‘Crunk the Caveman’, who controls our ‘flight or fight’ response when we feel nervous, angry, or threatened. Although this response can useful at times, it can also stop us using our ‘thinking brain’ – which can result in consequences we later regret! Learning to manage our ‘cave person’ responses takes time, and so learning different ways to do this creates a ‘toolkit’ for managing emotions.

Looking forward to next week!