Sycamore and Redwoods had a visit from Isambard Kingdom Brunel today!  We learnt all about his life and how, thanks to his amazing engineering skills, the railway came to Newton Abbot and Torbay, changing the lives of many people.
These are just a few of the facts that we learnt:
– Did you know he built three ships – two wooden and one iron?
– He almost died three times from accidents at work and also he swallowed a coin during a magic trick and it got stuck!
– He only slept for 4 hours each night and worked so hard that he didn’t get to see his children much.
– Brunel smoked 40 cigars a day and had a carriage with a special cigar compartment!
He designed the bridge that crosses from Devon to Cornwall and named it Albert Bridge after Queen Victoria’s husband.
He died when he was only 53 – probably because he worked too much and smoked too much!
Both classes are now looking forward to a trip on his GWR line after the half term break.