This year Bearnes took part in National Schools Sports Week a National Initiative to promote and encourage young children to get involved in Sports and Physical Activity that teaches them to lead a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Everyone at Bearnes was incredibly excited to take part and throughout the week the whole school has been involved in physical activities as well as learning how to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle through exercise and eating healthily.

Every day this week, the whole school took part in Wake Up Shake Up on the playground, each teacher led a routine that the children followed. We also completed a daily ‘run a mile challenge’.

On top of these activities the children took part in a whole school activity for 5-10 minutes on Monday and Tuesday.

Monday was ‘Stop, Drop and Dance’ each time the children heard the bell ring the children and staff had to stop what they were doing and boogie!

Watch some of our videos by clicking on the videos below.


On Tuesday the whole school gathered in the playground to ‘Skip to the beat’.

Literacy and Numeracy lessons were also inspired by sport, Team Chestnuts completed obstacle courses using directional language such as clockwise, quarter turn and half turn, to give instructions on how to complete the course. Team Chestnuts also used Sports Equipment to help solve multiplication problems.


The whole week culminated in our ‘Try a New Sport Day’ on Friday. Everyone came to school in their favourite Sports Kit, we had dancers, ballerinas, footballers and a rugby player.


During the morning every class had the opportunity to try out a new sport Yoga, Rugby, Badminton and Dance. We were also incredibly lucky to have Active Tilly’s Chloe Hodgkinson a Personal Trainer who works to inspire girls to take part in Physical Activity.







Well done to everyone who took part! You did Bearnes Primary proud!

Remember keep active and stay healthy!