Our Ethos

  • We provide our pupils with an exciting, rich curriculum involving a wide ranging experiences linked to our local environment and the wider world
  • We ensure children feel confident, safe and secure so that they are able to experiment with their learning
  • We value the contributions of all members of our schools communities, responding positively, rewarding and celebrating together
  • We provide a stimulating and varied environment which pupils have a say in, and enjoy; where their curiosity, ability to question, think and argue rationally is fostered
  • We encourage children to understand the way they learn, the purpose of learning and its relevance to the real world and their future
  • We foster sensitivity, tolerance, understanding and responsibility within our schools communities and within our multi- cultural society
  • We provide opportunities for pupils to develop creatively, emotionally, physically, morally and spiritually.
  • We foster a healthy lifestyle by developing understanding and encouraging good practice