Bearnes Voluntary Primary School

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Welcome to Bearnes School

Welcome to Bearnes Primary School. We hope our school website provides you with helpful information and gives you an insight into the many varied opportunities available to all our children.

Please contact the school if you wish to visit – we would love to show you around!

Inclusion Hub – Emotional Resilience Coaching

Session 2 This week, we focused on developing listening skills (including how we demonstrate this using our body language) and made a 'toolkit bag' using natural materials - such as willow needles, various plants and [...]

Summer Term

We will welcome the children back for the start of the Summer Term on Tuesday 17th April. The team look forward to seeing you all then.   T Stacey Head of School

Dodgeball Tournament

Well Done to our Dodgeball Warriors, not only did they come into school extra early today to reach the tournament venue, but they also represented the school fantastically in the The Link Academy Dodgeball Tournament [...]

Inclusion Hub – Emotional Resilience Coaching

Emotional Resilience Coaching: Session 1 Children from across Devon joined us today for our first outdoor session, designed to build emotional resilience. We all had fun learning new skills, (such as using a bow [...]