On Tuesday 17th July, to celebrate Sports Week, the children in Acorns and Oaks visited Courtenay Park for an afternoon of fun. To start off the day the children thought about healthy eating and the importance of a healthy diet.

They made their own fruit kebabs using apples, strawberries, grapes and oranges. They chose how many of each fruit they wanted on their stick and practicing their fine motor skills, added them carefully creating different patterns.

In the afternoon, we walked to Courtenay Park. Once there the children enjoyed taking part in some parachute games. We played ‘cat and mouse’ followed by fruit salad. The children worked their arms, moving the parachute up and down and they were able to follow the instructions and join in with the games. After this we packed away the parachute and played ‘duck, duck, goose’, the children showed great skills chasing their friends around the circle. They were very fast!

When we had finished playing the games, the children tucked into their fruit kebabs. Everything went quiet as the children enjoyed their healthy snack, followed by some apple juice. It was a lovely afternoon at the park and a fantastic way to celebrate not only Sports Week but also the end of the year. A big thank you to our parent volunteers who helped us.