On Wednesday 16th May the children from Oaks visited the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth.

The children had a fantastic day. Our trip however started the previous day when we received a letter from Marina the Mermaid inviting us to look out for her at the Aquarium.

The children were super excited and were amazed when we called out her name “Marina” and she responded!

Marina taught us all about the different animals that live under the sea. She introduced us to her fish friends and we learnt about where their habitats are. The children were fascinated by Marina listening carefully to everything she said. Marina passed around coral and shells for the children to feel. Alfie said “The coral feels rough”

Once we had finished visiting Marina we were free to explore the rest of the aquarium. We headed straight for the Shark tank and sat watching the sharks, stingrays and hundreds of fish swim around the tank whilst eating our snack.

We also visited the rock pool to see the starfish, watched the jellyfish swim in their tanks and saw Clown fish and Regal Tangs in the tropical tanks.

It was an amazing day and the children were a credit to Bearnes!