Team Chestnuts were very lucky to be invited by the rangers at Decoy for a walk around the park to look at how the first signs of spring were just beginning to show themselves. After a short walk from school we met our guide Simon for a tour of the woodlands and ponds.

Exploring the woods, we could see violets showing off their beautiful purple petals and the daffodils were just about to bloom. Armed with a bucket Simon took us to the pond where two unsuspecting volunteers waded with him, through the mud to collect some frogspawn. The class lined up excitedly waiting to hold and feel it for themselves, with some describing it as smelling like sugar and it fells like slime.


The tour of the woodland concluded with a pleasant packed lunch overlooking the lake and a play in the park before riding the minibus back to school.

Thank you to the parent volunteers who came with us for the walk and to Simon for a lovely day.

Miss Free