Team Chestnuts have had such a fantastic day for World Book Day.

The entire day was jam packed with exciting book opportunities that have really got the children talking about their love of books!

Our day started with a whole school assembly and the children getting to see everyone’s amazing costumes.

The children then were super excited by opening their book buddy letters and book reviews from Landscove School Year 3 and 4 children.

After a little walk into town with their book tokens, the children settled down with their books and read with Redwoods class. The Year 5s and 6s were bowled over at how well read the children were.

Then, disaster! Chestnuts came into their classroom to find it had been totally trashed by an unknown individual.

After looking around at the clues the children deduced that Goldilocks had come to Bearnes for a visit, so they set about writing some awesome Wanted Posters to catch the fiend.

‘She has long, blond curly hair and she has rosy cheeks.’

Melissa Age 7

‘If you see her, please contact Team Chestnuts immediately, she is incredibly naughty and very fussy because she doesn’t like porridge that’s too hot, she doesn’t like porridge too cold she likes it just right!’

Sophie Age 5

Excellent work Chestnuts!