Welcome to Chestnuts

Welcome to Team Chestnut’s Class page!

We are a very friendly class, with big smiles and great personalities!

We do lots of great activities inside and outside the classroom with our teacher Mrs Luxton and our amazing Teaching Assistants Mrs Robbins and Mrs Sutton. On a Thursday afternoon we are taught Science by Mrs Malpas.

We really enjoy our learning and love to deepen our learning through real life contexts!

On Friday’s we have our special circle time, where we reflect on our learning for the week. What are we really proud of? What have we done well? What could we do next week to get even better?

We also get to find out who takes home our ‘weekend friend’… Flash!

The lucky person is chosen for working hard, showing great perseverance, never giving up and trying 100%. The person will take Flash home and write in his diary all about their adventures over the weekend, feeding back to the rest of the class on Monday!

Flash Team Chestnuts Weekend Friend

We are really passionate about our learning and we always want to try our best. We created a class charter that helps us with our learning which focuses on resilience in our learning, always giving 100%, never giving up and working as a team, which are all incredibly important for us to be successful.

If you would like to support in our class with one of our Topic lessons or help us with our reading and writing, please speak to Mrs Luxton, we would love if you could come and help us to reach our targets.

Please keep checking our class blog to see what we have been up to each week.

Here are our Topic Webs that tell you all the exciting things we are learning.

Spring Term Topic Web

Summer Term Topic Web

See you soon,

Team Chestnuts

Children comparing numbers using 'greater than and less than'

Our class blog

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