Welcome to Chestnut

We are a very friendly class, with big smiles and great personalities!

We do lots of great activities inside and outside the classroom with our teacher Mrs Luxton and our amazing Teaching Assistants Mrs Robbins and Mrs Sutton. On a Thursday afternoon we are taught Science by Mrs Malpas.

We really enjoy our learning and love to deepen our learning through real life contexts!

Chestnut Superheroes are super hard workers. We have our very own Superhero Charter that we created to show how we are being exceptional superhero learners!

We are proud of each other!

We work together!

We share our ideas!

We celebrate each others achievements!

We take care of one another!

We listen to each other.

We always give 100% and we most definitely never give up!


We are really passionate about our learning and we always want to try our best.

If you would like to support in our class with one of our Topic lessons or help us with our reading and writing, please speak to Mrs Luxton, we would love if you could come and help us to reach our targets.

Please keep checking our class blog to see what we have been up to each week.

Here are our Topic Webs that tell you all the exciting things we are learning this term.

Autumn Term Topic Web

Spring Term Year 1 and 2 Homes

See you soon,

Team Chestnuts

Our class blog

Chestnut Superheroes Topic on Homes

Throughout the Spring Term Chestnuts have been learning all about Homes. As part of our Project homework the children first were asked to design and create their own houses of the future.   The children [...]

Chestnut Superheroes rescue Man on the Moon!

Over the past 2 weeks Chestnuts have been focused on the plight of The Man on the Moon who sadly has got a little bit stuck but Mrs Luxton is hoping the Chestnut Superheroes may [...]

Lights, Camel, Action! Strictly the Nativity!

For the Bearnes Christmas production this year, we were incredibly honoured and lucky to be able to perform at The Avenue Church. Thank you to Sarah, Jean and Gill who welcomed us and were so [...]

Link Academy KS1 Gymnastics Festival

On Friday 29th November, Chestnuts were invited to attend the inaugural KS1 Gymnastics Festival, at Torbay Gymnastics Club, as part of The Link Academy's drive to raise sports participation and for all of the schools [...]

Chestnuts rewrite The Gingerbread Man

Over the past two weeks, Chestnuts have immersed themselves in the story of The Gingerbread Man. We have been sequencing the story, asked questions about the characters, described characters and, after retelling the story of [...]

Chestnuts do Banghra!

This week is the Hindu Festival Diwali, also known as the Festival of Light. Bearnes are marking the occasions some special events to raise money for Goodwill Children's Homes, a charity that supports and educates [...]

Chestnuts KS1 Multi Skills Event

Since 2017 we have worked tirelessly to transform our P.E. and Sports Provision. As a result of our whole school drive to raise participation our children now have improved access to a variety of purposeful [...]

Bearnes does Body Coach Fitness Week!

Bearnes have hit the ground running this year in their continued vision to get more active and healthy. First up the whole school took part in The Bodycoach, Joe Wicks', Fitness Week. By 10am on [...]

Year 2 Secret Agent Training

On Monday the Year 2s received a letter from MI6 that informed them that due to their hardwork this year they were looking for some new Secret Agents to join them. The letter came complete [...]

Chestnuts visit Plymouth National Marine Aquarium

Today, Chestnuts along with their friends from Oaks and Hennock went to visit the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth. The trip was linked with the children's work in Science and Geography about Coastlines and Habitats. [...]

Team Chestnuts World Book Day

Team Chestnuts have had such a fantastic day for World Book Day. The entire day was jam packed with exciting book opportunities that have really got the children talking about their love of books! Our [...]

Pirate Chestnuts

Ahoy there mi hearties! Pirate Chestnuts have been having a fantastic time aboard the Ship Bearnes writing valuable instructions for Captain Grimes to reach his illusive, mysterious and terrifying treasure island as well as how [...]

Team Chestnuts Enrichment Week!

Team Chestnuts have had a fabulous week and so many different experiences that they have really enjoyed. I have seen the children supporting and encouraging each other especially when they were faced with climbing across [...]

National School Sports Week

This year Bearnes took part in National Schools Sports Week a National Initiative to promote and encourage young children to get involved in Sports and Physical Activity that teaches them to lead a healthy balanced [...]

Dinosaur Rampage!!

Team Chestnuts were greeted this morning by some terrible news that their classroom had been subject to a rampage from a lone dinosaur! Instead of coming into class as usual they were escorted to the [...]

Chestnuts Spectacular Science Week!

Phew!!! What a week! Chestnut's have had a fabulous time conducting many experiments as part of Science week, which has been focused on 'changes'. On Monday, we investigated how a balloon changes when it is [...]

World Book Day 2017

Team Chestnuts had a fantastic world book day, with incredible costumes and great fun! After an assembly introducing the day, we set off straight away for Waterstones and WHSmiths with our £1 book tokens primed [...]

Team Chestnut’s Decoy Park Nature Walk

Team Chestnuts were very lucky to be invited by the rangers at Decoy for a walk around the park to look at how the first signs of spring were just beginning to show themselves. After [...]

Welcome to Hogworts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

Team Chestnuts were welcomed back to school with a very interesting change in decor and a letter addressed to us. Professor Free reading out the letter from Hogworts. We cautiously opened it to [...]

Pirate Treasure Hunt

This week, Team Chestnuts received a letter from Captain Grimes, who'd been abandoned by his crew on a desert island. He needed Team Chestnuts to collect up the treasure he'd left hidden at Bearnes before [...]

Back to school meeting!

Team Chestnuts' had a wonderful afternoon on Thursday when their parents, grandparents, carers, aunts and uncles came in to be part of one of our lessons. Team Chestnuts' first wrote a letter of invitation to [...]