Welcome to Sycamores

Sycamore class is where you’ll find an enthusiastic bunch of children in years three and four.

Everyone in Sycamore class has an important role to play to make sure that we are the best that we can be. Along with our hard work, positive attitudes and growing independence, we take pride in our work and, if you come and visit us, we are sure to knock your socks off!

Miss Minifie & Miss Loasby are our class teacher’s and Ms Robbins works in our classroom to support our learning while Mrs Fraser helps groups of us to further develop our maths skills.


One of our favourite parts of the day is English. We love to read inspiring texts and use these to develop our writing skills over a series of weeks.  We often start our learning with a ‘Hook’ which really excites and engages us in our learning.




We are becoming confident mathematicians in Sycamores as a result of practical maths opportunities where we can apply our learning to solving problems. We like to use a variety of learning styles to help us to understand tricky mathematical concepts. We study four main areas of maths over each term; number sense, additive reasoning, multiplicative reasoning and geometric reasoning.


Our class blog

Sycamores Enrichment Week 2017

Please click on the link to see a little video montage of our fabulous enrichment week in Sycamores class

National School Sports Week

This year Bearnes took part in National Schools Sports Week a National Initiative to promote and encourage young children to get involved in Sports and Physical Activity that teaches them to lead a healthy balanced [...]

Naturemake Workshop

  On Friday, year 3,4, and 5 children were immersed in a nature craft workshop led by artist Naomi Vincent. We were inspired by the natural materials Naomi brought with her and by the examples [...]

Science Week – Wednesday

KS2 have a had a fantastic science-filled day today. The pupils took part in four different investigations throughout the day all to do with the British Science Week theme: Change.   Activity one involved making [...]

Roman Mosaics

Roman Mosaics As part of the our Roman Topic, the children made some beautiful mosaic tiles. The children were given some plywood and had to design and cut all the tiles for their pattern. Then [...]

Manga High Maths

Sycamores are really excited about maths! Everyone has been given their own login names and passwords for a maths games website called Manga High (www.mangahigh.com). We have used this engaging website at the start of [...]

Gardening in Courtney Park

Sycamores were showing off their green fingers at the park yesterday. They were tasked with weeding flower beds and planting daffodil bulbs and did a tremendous job. They came back to school raving about their [...]

A Concert in the Classroom

  Charlotte's mum came into Sycamores yesterday to help us to learn about the flute. She performed several pieces of music and, for one of these, she was accompanied by Charlotte! It was a very [...]

Fantastic PE lesson in Sycamores today

Sycamore class today had their Health Related Fitness lesson in Courtney Park. The learning focus of 'Interval Training' inspired us to run and speed walk up the hill, which was surprisingly easy. The class measured [...]

How we feel about life in Sycamores…

“Do you know that we have learnt a lot about the Romans already? I love history” Anna


“I like this class because everyone is kind and helpful to me. My friends are the best and we work as a team. Everyone is fantastic!” Sophie

“We have an awesome reading corner and we can listen to stories on our listening centre and we read lots of books.” Lily and Caden

“Now that I’m in Sycamores class I love maths. I like using bigger numbers, it’s tricky but magical!” Matthew

“Sycamores will blow your mind!” Archie

Everyone likes our class because we are so well behaved and we are always happy, even our teacher is” Daytona “Its a happy, awesome place to be!” Charlotte